Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mile of Mice!

I have been planning to send off a little mouse for a very long time now..

I saw the posts about them a very long time ago now, thought they were pretty sweet, but that was about it!

Then after my crafty session with Tom's nan, Sue, earlier in the year, I decided the mouse would be a perfect little thing to make to carry on my knitting.

(I've since done no more knitting.. oops, bad me!)


The mice are to raise awareness for the Alzheimer's Society and you can find more information about them here.

My own little mouse may be a little bit plain compared to some others.. I only used one colour! But he is made from the lovely African Expressions yarn 'Joy'.

I think I made him on 3.5mm needles as I don't have 3.75mm which the pattern suggested and finally sent him off last weekend!

What do you think of him?

Are any of you planning on sending off some little mice?

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