Thursday, 31 January 2013

WIP: Crochet roses

Believe it or not, this is actually the same rose..
I tweaked the brightness etc. on one because the stitches weren't showing up very well.
Anyway, these are going to be used for wedding things!
I need to make lots more though!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

WIP: Hexagon blanket, width finished

It keeps growing!
I think this is how wide I'm going to keep it now.
You can see that it'll be plenty big enough to keep my legs warm on the sofa, when I've added lots more rows!
I don't know how long my green is going to last, so I'll keep going with the rows and when I think it's going to run out, I'll use a different colour with the black and grey.
Then it can be stripy as well as hexagonal!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Finished project: Red and white heart

I finally got around to making the heart I commented on Lucy's blog attic 24.

I decided to attach mine with white yarn for a different look, I think it worked :)
Although I saw this heart on Lucy's blog, she found the pattern here.
I think if I do this again, I will make a few improvements.

I didn't attach the two hearts particularly well, I didn't use enough stitches.
It doesn't show too much, but it bugs me.

I also forgot to put much increasing in on the second round of white, so it curls over a bit.
Next time I'd put some around the "humps" on the heart.
I still think it's cute though! :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Playing about: Tiny crochet hearts

I've been experimenting with several ways to make these tiny hearts.. the only problem is, I can't remember how I made each one!
Some of them I followed patterns online, others I made up as I went along
Which is your favourite?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Food: Cake pops!

Yesterday, we attempted to make cake pops!
The set I have suggests using a cake mix to make the pops.. normally I would mix one up myself.
We fancied the idea of this brownie mix, so that's the one we got.
They actually taste great :)
The majority of them don't look too bad either..

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Blog update: Labels!

I've put a little bar up there ^^
Do you see it?
It's just to make it a little bit easier if you want to look back at a certain type of post I've made.
At the moment you can get to:

  • my finished projects
  • work in progress
  • nails of the week
  • food
Oh, and there should be another food post going up soon :)

(Maybe tomorrow..)

NOTW: Fur effect nails

 MUA fur-effect nails in fluffy puff - £2 available here
MUA nail varnish in natural days (shade 18) - £1 available here
MUA_fur effect_fluffy puff

fur-effect_open pot

MUA_fur effect

I saw this nail effect product when browsing MUA's products for a new lipstick it sounded interesting, and as I'd never seen anything like it, it intrigued me.
Next time I popped into town I picked it up, along with a new polish to wear it with and the whole nail look only cost £3 (I rarely use base or top coats).

Here's how I used it:
  • I put a coat of the colour on all my nails and allowed to dry completely. 
  • Then I put a second coat on all the nails bar my ring fingers on each hand
  • When my nails were completely dry I put my second coat of polish on my ring fingers
  • Whilst the polish was wet I put my nail into the fur-effect, and rolled it around a little
I gave the nails about a minute or so before gently brushing with a face brush to remove any excess powder on my fingers.

The nail feels a little like velvet.
It gets wet when you wash your hands etc. and takes about a minute to dry out again but seems to wash fine!

I can't wait to try this effect with a darker polish underneath and create a pattern with my nail art sets to attach the fur to!

What do you think of this new effect? Would you give it a go?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP: inspiration

These little centres from my hexagon blanket look like they could make great eyes for things :)
Maybe I'll get around to designing my own crochet softies?

That could be fun!
If you have any ideas of what I could make.. let me know :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WIP: hexagon blanket progress post 1




I've been making slow progress with my hexagon blanket, but it is this week's mission to get more done!
Also, what do you think about my owl blanket?
I think it makes a great background to projects as it is pale, but gives some interest with the owls...
Not too much though!
I want you to be able to see what I've made!

Monday, 14 January 2013

NOTW: Rimmel lasting finish pro - Violet metal


violet metal

engagement ring


This gorgeous colour was from Tom for Christmas. 
It's called violet metal and I used 2 thin coats. 
On Saturday I also added  a matte top coat which I'm still wearing now.
I've been wearing this for about a week and only one nail has chipped so far :)
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Food post: Surprise birthday cake!

I made this surprise birthday cake for my fiancĂ© Tom yesterday while he was at work. 
I used a Nigella recipe I found on the bbc website that uses olive oil instead of butter/fat 
(because I was running out of butter and didn't really have time to nip out for more!). 
It actually worked quite well, although I should've cooked it a bit longer.
Then I topped it with chocolate philly and some nestlé munchies :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Finished project: Little red heart!

Here it is!
I said in my big red heart post that I'd just finished the little red heart recently.
I'm a bit happier with this one I think, it's a little less wonky than the big one.
I was stricter with myself on the number of stitches, instead of making it "close enough".
And here it is with the big heart..

Friday, 11 January 2013

Christmas present: New perfumes!

So, I was very spoilt and got 3 new perfumes for Christmas!
The first in these pictures, Outspoken Intense, by Fergie, for Avon, I've been wanting for a while.
Me and my Mum were clearing out her bathroom cupboard before I moved and I found a tiny little tester and decided to start using it.
I loved it and have wanted a full sized bottle since!
So my Mum got it for me for Christmas :)
The second in these is number 1 from the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for women.
This is a very fresh scented perfume, much different from the other 2, great when I need an energetic burst!
This was from Tom's Dad.
Then finally, Rihanna's Rebelle, a very warm perfume that spells slightly spicy, and changes on your skin the longer you wear it.
I think Rebelle has been Tom's favourite (but then again, he did buy it..), so I'm currently wearing it as my everyday perfume, with Outspoken intense when I want something a bit different.