Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Beauty post - new nail varnish!

I recently purchased Popcorn and Coral Gum from the Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours range. I've wanted a pastel-y yellow nail varnish for a while now so picked this up last weekend!

Superdrug had an offer on Miss Sporty which is why I ended up with Coral Gum as well. I also bought a tinted lip balm.

I'm a bit disappointed that Miss Sporty don't put the colour names on their bottles, so I had to look them up online at Superdrug - here as I couldn't remember the colour names for this post!

At the time of writing this post I've been wearing Popcorn for 3 full days (2 coats, no top coat) with only a slight chip, which I think actually occurred in the very short time it took for the polish to dry.

This is possibly the quickest drying polish I own. I like my nails to be completely dry before I apply a second coat, but even then it only took for me to paint each nail (both hands) once and I could start the second coat!

In this colour I'm not entirely happy with the finish of 2 coats so am going to try a third in the hope of completely opaque colour. I still hold out hope for Coral Gum though as I've read good things about other colours in the range.

Overall, not a bad polish for £1.99!

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