Wednesday, 12 June 2013

CAL week 2!

This week I tried the Catherine wheel pattern for the first time!
Hannah, who is running the CAL, said it needed to be crocheted loosely, so I used a 6mm hook, instead of the 5.5mm hook I have been using.
I still had some trouble with the stitch though, and ended up pulling back 4 rows and starting them again!
Glad I did though as the blanket now sits straight instead of being a bit of a rainbow..
There were a few more rows this week as Hannah realised a lot of us steamed through last week's
Even with the frogging and re-stitching of the Catherine wheels I managed to finish these rows yesterday afternoon, having started them Sunday morning (and not being home most of Sunday). Not bad going I think!
Eagerly anticipating next weeks again and I'll be linking up a picture of my blanket so far on the ravelry page for the CAL :)

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