Saturday, 25 August 2012

Penny Pinching Polish in the style of A Thrifty Mrs

Here is my take on Mrs Thrifty's Penny Pinching Polish feature. I've had this nail varnish for a while and bought it in a little pack from primark. I actually picked it up because of the pastel purple and mint colours, but this dainty pink is also lovely :) It's definitely a penny pincher as it only cost £2 for a pack of 4 polishes, making it essentially 50p! Bargain! Especially as this is shown with clear base coat, one layer of colour, and clear top coat. My application isn't perfect but the polish went on very easily. My only concern is that the mint colour has chipped very easily in the past so I'll see how long this fares and possibly update in a couple of days.

Felt owls

My Mum bought me this lovely little set to make my own felt owls.
 It was all pre-cut, so there were pieces of felt, some floral fabric, the thread, the stuffing and the buttons for eyes.
 So, I got to work and blanket stitched the body parts together.
 Then, throughout several lunch breaks I made the wings, the eyes and stitched on the beak. Today I put it all together using the fabri-tac glue I got in my Crafty Creative box 1 (which has been insanely helpful just like Kayleigh told me it would be, without me even realising).

And here is the finished owl, I think he's going to sit on my desk at work from Tuesday onwards :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Birthday present

I've been busy crocheting again, using the same magazine "Let's get crafting! Knit & Crochet". This one only took a couple hours (stretched across my lunch breaks) and was for my friend for her 18th!

Hope she likes it :)

CC box 2!

Not so many pictures this month I'm afraid, and whilst I love the theme I'm a little more stuck for ideas this time! Tom thinks I should make us some rustic placemats from the hessian, which I think I could cross-stitch, and add ribbon to.
 The giant piece of hessian (plenty for 4 place mats)
 This gorgeous pendant (might have to go out and buy the right colour fittings..)
 The beautiful buttons made from coconut shell
 Some regular (and very useful) brightly coloured buttons
 A collection of small pieces of driftwood (no idea what to do with these yet..)
 Some glass pearls (mine are a gorgeous colour) I think I might take some off the string and combine with the next item on necklaces/bracelets
 These lovely porcelain fish beads
 Some paper string
 wooden bunting (which could be interesting to decorate)
 some ribbon and tags
 more pretty charms
 and the little envelope they came in :)
So there we have it - more for me to try and incorporate into my crafting adventures :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

The working world

After having my first full day of work I have still managed to come home and start crafting. It's another birthday present, so no pictures, but hopefully it'll be a lovely little quick project :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My first teddy

As I said last week, I've been away, and I took my "Let's get crafting! Knit and Crochet" magazine with me. It came with 6 balls of wool, a crochet hook and a set of knitting needles and on the front was a picture of a gorgeous teddy bear. I was challenged by my brother's girlfriend to make the teddy bear and have it finished when I got back today.
I broke my needle in the car on the way home earlier but I did manage to finish the bear when I got home. Now I'm going to treat you to the pictures of every stage of his "birth".
At the end of day one he had part of a head
 At the end of day two I was part way through his body
 and his head was completed
 This was his bottom...
 At the end of day three he had a completed head, body and arm
 neck end of the body
 His little shaped shoulder
 At the end of day four his arm and body were stuffed and he had another arm and a leg
 And I'd started the next foot

 At the end of day five I'd stitched most of his limbs together, and finished the second leg

 And this morning (day six) I made his ears and muzzle, stuffed and stitched everything, and embroidered his eyes, nose and mouth
Ta Dah!
Less crafting this week after all that though as I start work at 9am tomorrow :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Going away

I'm going to Basingstoke with Tom for a week tonight, so I won't be able to blog much. I am taking my camera though, and some craft, so hopefully I'll be able to get lots of content ready to upload Sunday (or after my first day of work Monday).

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Quick update

Where have I been? I just haven't posted for quite some time! This weekend I went up to Portsmouth to see some family, which meant a long car journey. While we were travelling I've been doing some stitching on a little present, which I'll show you in a couple of weeks. On the way back I realised I'd made a big mistake so I had to start again, unfortunately, but it's nearly done now :)

I whipped up a little decoration onto my crochet phone case earlier today
My phone kept falling out, so I added a little fabric strip and button :)

I've also bought some lovely new fabric, and had my first trip to hobbycraft :D