Thursday, 23 May 2013

Graduation owl.. number 2!

This time the graduation owl is for my brother, Mattie who finishes his A levels this week!
So congratulations to my little brother :)

I'm going to *attempt* to give more information about what I use to create different things.
So, the upper body of this owl is using African Expressions Joy blended yarn. It is a lovely mix of mohair, wool and acrylic and it part of my (randomly picked) prize from Maryanne at Woolhogs for the made it challenge (December 2012).

The white and black yarns are both acrylics that I picked up in cheap stores. I don't think either is branded and I no longer have the labels for them.

Owly's beak is King Cole Dolly Mix DK in shade 144; orange.

I used a 3.5mm hook for this project. The pattern, here, suggests 3.75mm but I don't own that size, so I had the choice of 3.5 or 4mm.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Jelly legs...

I had been seeing these cuties all over the internet and was pretty intrigued by them. I wanted to have a go at making them, but as I have a few other projects on the go I didn't actively look for a pattern. Then scrolling through tumblr one day, there was a pattern staring me in the face. It even advertised that there was minimal sewing required, which for me usually means the project will be a bit quicker!

The pattern I used can be found here.

And here is my lovely little new friend!

I think his curly legs are super cute too!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New slippers!

I often get an urge to treat myself to something new. I shop around for a while, find something I like.. then talk myself out of buying it. (I've even managed to do this with some shoes, which would be my only pair in my size.. if I ever give in to them!).

Friday night I started making something for myself instead..

These were super quick! I started them Friday night, and finished them Saturday morning. They would have been even quicker if I hadn't managed to miss out 2 rows on the first slipper as I was reading it on screen. If you're wondering, the pattern for these cuties is here
They are very warm, and despite using cheap acrylic yarn, they are really soft!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sewing machine project: cushion/pillow cover

My third (ever) sewing machine project was a simple pillow case. I used a relatively heavy upholstery fabric and it only took less than half an hour.

I hemmed either short end of the fabric, and then folded them over each other to create the envelope back (inside-out). I pinned these in place and then stitched down each long end of the case. Then all you have to do is turn it back in the right way and stuff with a cushion pad.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sewing machine: second project

Again, in Basingstoke with Sue I tried another wrap. This time for my knitting needles!

I'm much happier with this one. I preferred working with this material and having some practise with the crochet hook wrap helped too.

I didn't attach the tie with this one and I left a couple of pockets on the inside (as shown by my bracelet) that I can use to keep small projects, or balls of yarn, in.