Friday, 28 June 2013

CAL as-we-go stripey blanket, week 4!

This week was relatively straightforward, mostly DC (US terminology) and HDC rows. 
We had the addition of the bobble stitch this week though!
I liked the look of this in Hannah's post but mine just don't look as good!
They're not very bobble-y, but at least they provide a bit of contrast.
Hannah has stated that week 5 is a fun one, so I'm looking forward to that as I've already been enjoying what we've done so far.
The next instruction or guidance post from Hannah should be up tomorrow :)

Here are my pictures from the week (apologies for the low lighting in some - I usually crochet in the evenings after work)

I added a new colour in this week too. Just a subtle bit of turquoise. Hopefully I'll be able to use it for a thicker stripe this week and it'll stand out a bit more :)

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