Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New clothes

I took a trip into primark Monday, and as I've got a new job (starting soon) I thought I'd buy a new work top. This bright blue shirt jumped at me, so I had to have it.
Then my mum found a tiger top which was marked down to £2..
As I love my wolf top so much, I thought the tiger would be a good addition to the animal collection.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Stud earrings

I took a trip to the 99p shop with my fiancé yesterday and finally bought some epoxy glue, when I got home I got around to making some lovely earrings that I might actually wear (dangly earrings are usually too heavy for my poor ears).
So, I thought I'd show you my new beauties :)
Some from my wooden button stash.. (quite a few actually)

I dug out these beads that I used for my first dangly earrings

Some little green millefiori beads (I wasn't sure they'd stick, but they seem to be okay at the moment)

My cute celtic hearts were my first attempt

And these buttons I bought in a lovely independent shop specifically for earrings

My first summer outfit for a while

I found it difficult styling myself for the heat we had last week, but this was my first attempt after being up in the North.
My gorgeous new look top, bought in the sale for about £8
Some trusty canvas shorts from primark (£5?)
My little DIY aztec crop (under the shirt) because the shirt is very see-through/sheer
My navy deck shoes £4 from primark, which have since been ruined with sand
And my floral headband £2 from new look in the sale

What do you think about floral and aztec together?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Crafty creatives.. my own project

My purse is very large, due to the fact that I have a LOT of cards. So, to make my handbag a little lighter, I've decided to make a specific purse, just for cards.
I've been using the fabric from my Crafty Creatives box 1
This is what I've got so far:
Some of the pieces for the cards to slot into

After the first piece was stitched to the basic lining

And the second piece
Each "page" of the wallet will have space for 3 cards
I'm still trying to work out how I will tidy the edges of this, but I have an idea. I'll have to try it with pins first!

BB cream

I got some free samples of Maybelline's BB cream through their facebook page, you just give them your name, address etc. and they pop three little satchets of the light shade in the post for you :) I was quite excited to try these as the bb cream trend has been getting a lot of hype over the last 6-12 months. I tried the product while I was away and these are the before and after pictures I took..

As you can see, it gave my skin more colour (and spf 30 protection - bonus) and made me look a little more awake. I don't have an awful lot of problems with my skin anyway (lucky me) so it didn't do a lot for me, but it would be a great substitute for foundation for me, as foundation usually has a heavier coverage than I need. It's just that little bit up from a tinted moisturiser, and I would consider it when I run out of my lush face perfector tint :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back from choir tour!

So, if you read my blog, you'll know I was on choir tour the last few days.
It was great but I now have no voice..
When I got home this evening I had presents from my mum..
A little jewellery tool

 A gorgeous little Cath Kidston bag and inside...
This cute little purse.
Mum says she bought it for me to put my tips in, but now, I'm not going to get many more because.. I've got a new job! I will be an AAT trainee accountant very soon :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Going away

I'm going away with my school choir on a choir tour tomorrow morning, so my blog will be quiet, I won't be on crafter..oo and I won't be able to craft as much :( But, I will be taking my crochet with me so I can make some more granny squares to go into my blanket (starting to think I won't have enough wool and will have to choose another colour - but we'll get to that if I need to).
I'm not taking my Crafty Creatives box either, maybe I will take the pictures of what's in it with me and can bounce ideas of what to do with it off of my friends :)
I'm back Tuesday night and will no doubt have lots of lovely things to show you (hopefully I'll do a beauty product review as I got some free samples of Maybelline's BB cream through their facebook page, and maybe a peak at my granny squares)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Aztec skirt

I finally got around to putting the waistband on my skirt this week!
I looked at an old pair of shorts with an elastic waistband so that I had a guideline of how to stitch it together, and to the skirt, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed!
The skirt is a much better length than the dress it came from too - no more flashing my knickers, or wearing with leggings!

My stitches are lovely and almost hidden too!

Crafty Creatives kit - finished!

After I did this I realise I could have used a youtube video for more support in this project. But, whilst I wrapped and unwrapped it several times, I'm finally happy with it, and the fabric is gorgeouss :)

Crafty creatives box 1

I received my crafty creatives box today, so thought I'd share with you all my excitement opening it. I took a picture at every stage so you can see exactly what I got for my £10 plus postage.
So it arrived (it did have my address on.. I just didn't want to announce it to the world):
 with the crafty creatives label on:
 Even the box was cute
 And the pretty wrapping inside
 The first part was this Art Card by artist Liz Kapiloto, which also has a sort of contents on the other side
 This little envelope, which was very intriguing
 When I opened it, it had these little lucite flower beads inside

 Thee were these wooden floral shaped buttons
 And this gift tag (others may have different tags)
 Some embroidery thread, I got this lovely green colour
 2 floral pegs
 A metre of cotton ribbon
 3 wooden floral printed buttons
 a full-size bottle of fabri-tac
 A glass pendant
 A fat quater of William Morris printed fabric from fabricfreedom.co.uk
 A CC kit, which has instructions and supplies for making a floral brooch
 Some beautiful tissue paper

 And these gorgeous smiley flower beads

As you can see, this months theme was florals and it would seem that Crafty Creatives plan to theme all their boxes, which is perhaps what has taken a while for the first box to come out - they've been busy planning away what themes they can use!
I'm very happy with the box, and impressed at how much I've received. I think I'm going to try and make that brooch now!