Sunday, 20 January 2013

NOTW: Fur effect nails

 MUA fur-effect nails in fluffy puff - £2 available here
MUA nail varnish in natural days (shade 18) - £1 available here
MUA_fur effect_fluffy puff

fur-effect_open pot

MUA_fur effect

I saw this nail effect product when browsing MUA's products for a new lipstick it sounded interesting, and as I'd never seen anything like it, it intrigued me.
Next time I popped into town I picked it up, along with a new polish to wear it with and the whole nail look only cost £3 (I rarely use base or top coats).

Here's how I used it:
  • I put a coat of the colour on all my nails and allowed to dry completely. 
  • Then I put a second coat on all the nails bar my ring fingers on each hand
  • When my nails were completely dry I put my second coat of polish on my ring fingers
  • Whilst the polish was wet I put my nail into the fur-effect, and rolled it around a little
I gave the nails about a minute or so before gently brushing with a face brush to remove any excess powder on my fingers.

The nail feels a little like velvet.
It gets wet when you wash your hands etc. and takes about a minute to dry out again but seems to wash fine!

I can't wait to try this effect with a darker polish underneath and create a pattern with my nail art sets to attach the fur to!

What do you think of this new effect? Would you give it a go?

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