Friday, 11 January 2013

Christmas present: New perfumes!

So, I was very spoilt and got 3 new perfumes for Christmas!
The first in these pictures, Outspoken Intense, by Fergie, for Avon, I've been wanting for a while.
Me and my Mum were clearing out her bathroom cupboard before I moved and I found a tiny little tester and decided to start using it.
I loved it and have wanted a full sized bottle since!
So my Mum got it for me for Christmas :)
The second in these is number 1 from the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for women.
This is a very fresh scented perfume, much different from the other 2, great when I need an energetic burst!
This was from Tom's Dad.
Then finally, Rihanna's Rebelle, a very warm perfume that spells slightly spicy, and changes on your skin the longer you wear it.
I think Rebelle has been Tom's favourite (but then again, he did buy it..), so I'm currently wearing it as my everyday perfume, with Outspoken intense when I want something a bit different.

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