Sunday, 31 March 2013

Food post: Choco-mallow-pie

Yesterday I decided I wanted to do some baking. This doesn't happen very much anymore, due to the large amount of washing up it produces, but.. its a long weekend so who cares! Now, the recipe we decided on wasn't actually so much baking as putting together, but it was fun (and tasty) anyway!
The recipe came from a book my Mum bought my fiancé about a year ago, "Essential Student Cookbook" by Cas Clarke. Not really where you'd expect to find this recipe, but I think it was in the "entertaining" section. The recipe is relatively simple, with only 4 ingredients.. cream, chocolate, marshmallows and a pastry base. I guess that is cheating a bit, but even celeb chefs don't seem to make their own pastry anymore! So.. here it is!

It was yummy (I say was.. we still have a fair amount left!) and I would definitely make this again.. although maybe with the help of an electric whisk next time! Let's just say that beating cream 'til it holds its shape is difficult without one..

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