Monday, 11 March 2013

Finished project: Mother's Day Mug Hug

My Mum requested a mug hug this year, for Mother's Day.
I had this yarn left-over from when I made my plum snood and know that she loves the colour as much as I do!
I wanted to test myself on this as it could become quite a simple thing to make, so I decided to try a new stitch!
After a lot of hunting, I finally decided on the cable stitch.
I followed the pattern for the stitch from here.
Other than that, the pattern for the hug itself was made up as I went along. 
I think I did 3 rows and skipped 3 stitches out of the 5 when making the button hole.
I also used this bright green spotty button that came in a pack that my Mum got me for Christmas. 
I thought the green contrasted quite well with the plum to give a bit more interest!


  1. so adroable! wish I was crafty like you! x

    1. Thanks :) Just had a look at your blog and it looks lovely! x