Sunday, 16 March 2014

Charity makes

You may remember that I told you about my cupcake hat about a month ago (oops.. I've left it too long again!).

I'm now glad to say that it is with my mum's friend Jill (aka The Mad Hatter) and here is her picture from the day she wore it.

I also mentioned that Jill is going to auction off all the hats she's been wearing, and give all the money away for cancer research.
At the event with the auction, Jill is allowing people to set up stalls, for a fee of £5 (which will also be paid over to the charity) so that they can sell their items, and keep their own proceeds.

My Mum and I have decided that we would like to have a stall at the event, but instead of keeping our profits, we would like to give all our proceeds (not profit) over to the charity.

That means, that I now need to plan and make lots of lovely bits, so that the charity gets as much money as possible!

I have had a play around today with a lovely teddy bear granny square (the pattern can be found here). I'm thinking of turning these squares into nappy bags, or cushions, any other ideas are welcome though!

I would also appreciate any pointers to lovely free patterns that have permissions for sale of items created!

Thank you all in advance :)

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