Monday, 17 February 2014

The cupcake hat

Hello, I'm just popping over here to show you a super quick hat I made (2 days start to finish) and the reason behind me making it.

First things first, the pattern, I searched ravelry on Saturday to find a "novelty hat" pattern for this particular project, and settled on a cupcake hat.

The ravlery pattern redirected me to Crochet Geek's blog here.

I found the written pattern quite difficult to follow, however the video was quite clear (though perhaps not for beginners?).

Having (finally) taught myself how to hold my yarn "properly" (as I like to call it.. as opposed to my weird throwing method, which I will try not to return to) I found crocheting this hat to be much more comfortable and faster than anything I've crocheted before (yay!)

I haven't yet had a chance to take some proper blog photos for this project, as it is literally straight off my hook, so I apologise if you follow me on instagram as you will already have seen these pictures, but I just had the urge to write here.

This hat is for one of my mum's friends.

Her friend, like her, is undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the moment, and as a result has suffered from hair loss. As I understand it, she is using hats to cover her head, and is wearing a different hat every day. She wears them once, and then will sell them on for charity. So I thought I would contribute, and I seem to be seeing a theme with her photos on facebook... novelty hats!

This hat will be making its way to her, via my mum, very soon!


  1. What a marvelous hat and idea! PS: I think I also throw my yarn but am not sure I can change my ways. xxxx

  2. Thanks! I haven't reverted back yet (apart from occasionally when I'm doing a foundation chain) and finding it a lot quicker and easier than my old method. I had people telling me I held everything weirdly with my old method but I thought "it's just how I do it!" as long as it works and you get the results you want :) I still throw the yarn for knitting though.. not sure I can change that one xx