Friday, 26 April 2013

4KCBWDAY5: Something a bit different

Today we can blog about anything we like, but we have to try to do it in a way which is different to how we usually would. 
Frankly, posting every day this week is different enough for me! But, I've attempted to make a gif of one of my projects, rather than showing you lots of different pictures.

And here is my little graduation owl! I think that turned out quite well. Now I'll try to talk you through the project more than I normally would. I'm usually pretty bad at this bit.

I started this project ages ago, back in January. For such a small project, that seems like years ago. I made his little body and his graduation cap and left him alone for quite some time (do you see why I'm a bee yet..) Then a couple of weeks ago, I got around to making his head. The head and body were fairly easy to work, just working a spiral in the round, then working straight for a few rows.
The cap was so long ago that I can't remember how the "board" was worked, but I don't think it was like any ami I had done before.
I'm tempted to re-do owl's beak, as I'm not keen on this crochet beak. I might change it to just an embroidered beak.
I'm also not totally happy with the wings on this owl, and as I'm planning on making a few more, I think I'll need to try and make them a bit bigger!
The most difficult part of this project for me though, was putting the safety eyes in. I'm really bad at trying to put the backs on them, and I find it so fiddly and it starts to hurt my fingers! But they look so good!
This is only the second time I've used them though.. so maybe it'll get easier with practise :)