Sunday, 9 September 2012

Penny Pinching Polish Part 2

Lots of alliteration there!
Last weekend I popped into a poundland to look at their beauty products as I've been seeing reviews pop up in the blogs I follow saying that you can get good quality stuff that is obviously, only £1.

After quite a long browse, I picked myself up a cheap concealer as I thought I could do with one, but wasn't sure how much I'd use it, so there's no point me buying something with a big brand name. I bought "chit chat"'s light concealer, which comes in a stick and has tea tree oil in the formula. So far, it seems to be working to hide the bags under my eyes a little, and I'm hoping the tea tree will do me some good in the long run too.

Anyway, to the polish!
I picked up a crackle polish, which I've been dubious about for a while, and didn't want to spend £3/4 on my favourite nail polish brand barry m for a product I wasn't sure I'd like. I'm glad I didn't because I picked one up in poundland.

I used the black crackle over the same pink I blogged about a while ago. I only kept it on over the weekend, but it looked great and dried very quickly!

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