Friday, 17 August 2012

CC box 2!

Not so many pictures this month I'm afraid, and whilst I love the theme I'm a little more stuck for ideas this time! Tom thinks I should make us some rustic placemats from the hessian, which I think I could cross-stitch, and add ribbon to.
 The giant piece of hessian (plenty for 4 place mats)
 This gorgeous pendant (might have to go out and buy the right colour fittings..)
 The beautiful buttons made from coconut shell
 Some regular (and very useful) brightly coloured buttons
 A collection of small pieces of driftwood (no idea what to do with these yet..)
 Some glass pearls (mine are a gorgeous colour) I think I might take some off the string and combine with the next item on necklaces/bracelets
 These lovely porcelain fish beads
 Some paper string
 wooden bunting (which could be interesting to decorate)
 some ribbon and tags
 more pretty charms
 and the little envelope they came in :)
So there we have it - more for me to try and incorporate into my crafting adventures :)

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