Thursday, 19 July 2012

Going away

I'm going away with my school choir on a choir tour tomorrow morning, so my blog will be quiet, I won't be on crafter..oo and I won't be able to craft as much :( But, I will be taking my crochet with me so I can make some more granny squares to go into my blanket (starting to think I won't have enough wool and will have to choose another colour - but we'll get to that if I need to).
I'm not taking my Crafty Creatives box either, maybe I will take the pictures of what's in it with me and can bounce ideas of what to do with it off of my friends :)
I'm back Tuesday night and will no doubt have lots of lovely things to show you (hopefully I'll do a beauty product review as I got some free samples of Maybelline's BB cream through their facebook page, and maybe a peak at my granny squares)

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