Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crafty creatives box 1

I received my crafty creatives box today, so thought I'd share with you all my excitement opening it. I took a picture at every stage so you can see exactly what I got for my £10 plus postage.
So it arrived (it did have my address on.. I just didn't want to announce it to the world):
 with the crafty creatives label on:
 Even the box was cute
 And the pretty wrapping inside
 The first part was this Art Card by artist Liz Kapiloto, which also has a sort of contents on the other side
 This little envelope, which was very intriguing
 When I opened it, it had these little lucite flower beads inside

 Thee were these wooden floral shaped buttons
 And this gift tag (others may have different tags)
 Some embroidery thread, I got this lovely green colour
 2 floral pegs
 A metre of cotton ribbon
 3 wooden floral printed buttons
 a full-size bottle of fabri-tac
 A glass pendant
 A fat quater of William Morris printed fabric from
 A CC kit, which has instructions and supplies for making a floral brooch
 Some beautiful tissue paper

 And these gorgeous smiley flower beads

As you can see, this months theme was florals and it would seem that Crafty Creatives plan to theme all their boxes, which is perhaps what has taken a while for the first box to come out - they've been busy planning away what themes they can use!
I'm very happy with the box, and impressed at how much I've received. I think I'm going to try and make that brooch now!

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