Friday, 3 October 2014

Hiding in the shadows..

Hello out there! I am still here, bobbing around the internet, keeping up with the blog I follow on bloglovin.

In fact, I've actually got my "to-read" list down by quite a lot recently.. it's consistently below 50, which is marginally miraculous!

So I'm still here, but I'm also still crafting. I'm branching out as well, really.

My lovely in-laws (hi Emma, Sue and Mark.. if you're reading) bought me a sewing machine for my birthday (last weekend) and I've been attempting to get to grips with it!

Never one to take the easy route, I decided to make a bra for my first project... yes really.

I don't know what I was thinking.. there are no straight lines.. it's 3D, there is lots of zig zag sewing..

Then again.. I suppose it's easier than the suit Mark requested I make him!

For once, I'm actually being relaxed about the quality of what I do. As long as this thing is functional I'll forgive myself some wonky stitches, and that bit where the zig zag didn't quite catch both pieces of fabric...

Maybe I'll show you how I'm getting on soon :)


  1. Sewing makes me swear like a sailor :)

  2. I tried to let any mistakes slip but if I start getting perfectionistic then I will probably swear at the sewing machine too!