Thursday, 16 January 2014

Baby pink unicorn

I have been sitting on this one for a while as I made it all the way back at the end of September/beginning of October but I didn't want to risk it being seen as it was a Christmas present!

If my memory serves me well, this was quite a quick make and I enjoyed making another little toy :)
It's even better making something when you don't have to buy anything specific, you just find a pattern and off you go! 
This little one was made entirely from supplies I already had in the house, which explain why it has buttons for eyes, instead of the safety eyes recommended in the pattern.

I particularly liked making the mane for this one. I wasn't sure how it was going to come out, as you crochet with 2 colours together, but it was great and created a really lovely effect. 

As I said above, this was a Christmas present. I made it for my little cousin, who was also the recipient of my stripy giraffe earlier in 2013. It was lovely watching her open this on Christmas day, she unwrapped it, and immediately gave it a big squeeze. She then proceed to bash it on the dining table yelling "rawr", but I think that means she liked it.. she was smiling anyway!

The pattern for the unicorn can (thankfully) be found with a quick google search of "pink unicorn crochet" since I completely forgot to make a note of it, in anticipation of this post. I will be nice to you though, and leave you a link here.

Have any of you made anything for small children recently? I'd love to see :)

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