Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I've been rather busy...

There has been lots of crafting, as well as lots of other busy-ness.

I got married on Sunday, and did quite a bit of last minute crafting for that.

I finished off the bridesmaids' earrings (but didn't take a picture.. oops).

I made the seating plan (the day before the wedding.. again, oops!)

 Picture taken from my Mum's collection of wedding pictures, on her facebook page

I made (assembled) bracelet presents for my bridesemaids

I also found time to make a birthday present for my Mum, which I started last week, after making a mistake with the project I had been intending to give her, and scrapping the knitting for crochet instead!

More about the knitting another time, but here is the result of the new project. Crochet fingerless gloves/wrist warmers, pattern can be found here

The yarn is stylecraft special DK (I finally bought some) and the colour is Aster.

I also made a new hat for myself. I started it Saturday night, when I should probably have been trying to sleep. Then spent last night and this morning finishing it off. I didn't follow a pattern, just increased until it felt like it would fit my head, then just sc in each stitch until it was the length I wanted :)

And to finish off this huge post.. a little sneak peek wedding photo taken by our brilliant photographer Hayley, from Tigerfly Photography (on facebook here)


  1. it was a fabulous day, enjoy the honeymoon, I can't wait to see you both when you get home xx

  2. Oh my, I always get a bit teary at weddings!!!! Congratulations Kayleigh and Tom xxxx