Saturday, 17 August 2013

Another amigurumi animal

Sorry I've been away for a while. Every time I tried to blog it all felt a bit forced. I've also got a bit behind with my crafting, studying for exams took over in the priority list for a while. I'm starting to catch back up with my CAL blanket... I'm on week 9 at the moment, whilst Hannah is on week 13? I think, so I've got a while to go!

I'll update you on that when I'm a bit more caught up and show some pictures of the blanket when it's a bit bigger!

What I really wanted to tap about today is my latest amigurumi make. A lovely little giraffe for my second cousin's second birthday!

Isn't it sweet? I don't want to try to give it a gender yet.. I'll leave that to its new owners I think.

Now, I'll try and give some stats on the project:

Number of colours used: 9 plus black for embroidery
Type of yarn: mostly King Cole dolly mix - the dark purple was from a magazine a while ago and the white/cream is an anonymous acrylic
Height: standing, from foot to horn ~15 inches (just under 40cm)
Time taken to complete: a few weeks as I made the arms and legs and then gave up for a while (oops)
Pattern: I used a free pattern from a blog I ordinarily follow - I love buttons by Emma - the pattern (here) has been available for a while but I saw it had been updated and suddenly really wanted to make it!

What do you think of my venture back to amigurumi? Was this a good project to come back to?


  1. Your giraffe is so cute!! I absolutely love this :) Thank you for following my blog- I'm looking forward to reading more than yours :) xx

  2. Ooooh I love IT!!!!! IT is soooo sweet and very happy looking. I think it's new little owner is going to be very chuffed!