Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday Monochrome

Okay, so it's not completely monochrome, and the internet seems to have messed around with that last picture because it was fine before I uploaded it. BUT, I treated myself to a new dress at the weekend. This was only £7 in primark (it was in a sale) and I was surprised that there were so many smaller sizes left (6,8 and 10). Maybe it's not short enough for some slim people? I don't know, but I liked it and wore it to work today, but I think it would be nice enough to wear for an evening out with a nicer cardigan (this one is from primark from a couple of years ago) and a glitzy clutch. Having said that, what do you think of my new bag? It was a steal at which kind of gives itself away with its name (although a lot of people on their facebook page don't seem to get it). They sell all sorts of women's clothes, shoes, accessories and lingerie/nightwear, as well as children's clothes. Most of their stocks seems to me to be from stores that have gone into liquidation, or couldn't shift their stock for other reasons, but as long as I like it, I don't care who couldn't sell it before!
All in all, this was a pretty cheap outfit, coming in at about £23 for everything in the picture, and then I wore it today with primark pumps as well, so only another £4-6.
These prices don't include jewellery as I'm wearing what I wear all the time anyway.

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