Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sneak peeks!

I made a cute little fabric bow after seeing a tutorial online the other day. I didn't have the tutorial with me when I made it, so it's not perfect, but I don't think I did a bad job. :)

 I showed my friend Tash this blog, and she asked me to make her a necklace with a key on it... so here's the key:
 and here's the whole necklace. I made it adjustable because I didn't know if she'd want it long, or quite short like I would wear it.
 After talking so much about the hat I'm making, I thought I'd better do some previews. I'm stitching it all by hand, so it's taking me quite some time, but I'm slowly making progress :)
This is the unfinished brim
 And I'm quite impressed with how neat my hand stitches are... they're never this good!

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